AURUS Colloid Mill

A processing machine known world over for its proven track record of homogenizing, emulsifying, mixing and comminuting of a variety of raw materials to highly viscous end products.

With an impressive strength in design, our mills have a reputation of being built like a tank, but with much better finish. It can be used for peanut butter making, chemical mixing and many other purposes.

The AURUS Colloid Mill is available in both Vertical and Horizontal form-factors with power options of 3 and 5 Horsepower respectively. Please contact us if your requirement exceeds that.


Primary Features

  • Precise control via an adjustable gap between rotor and stator

  • 3-way valve with re-circulating pipe for maximum processing efficiency

  • Effortless output via separate discharge spout for highly viscous products

  • Ultimate value on investment with multiple variant options

  • On/Off switch via DOL starter

  • Easy to dismantle and clean

Optional Features

  • Standard hopper (25 Ltrs) can be modified to accommodate up to 50 Ltrs

  • ATEX-compliant Flame-proof electricals

  • Wash-in-Place, Clean-in-Place feature is available

Safety Features

  • Overload pressure release mechanism

  • Certified cGMP, CE, UL compliant

  • Four castor wheels with Brakes

Technical Specifications


SS316L (contact)

SS304 (non-contact)

Seals & Gaskets

Food Grade Silicone Rubber, PTFE Teflon, Lip Seals and Mechanical Seals

Particle Size Reduction

5 to 10 Microns

Design Capacity

Upto 1200 Kgs/Hr, depending upon Particle Size, Material Characteristics, etc.

Main Motor

3HP / 5HP

2800RPM, 415V AC, 50Hz

Hopper Capacity

25 Ltr

Motor Coupling

Belt Drive


3-way Valve for drainage & recirculation


Model Name Drive Method









This machine is commonly used in the following range of industries. Its flexible variant options yet powerful production capabilities makes it extremely useful in a variety of processing activities.

End Products

The following are some of the unique materials that can be produced in their respective industries. The list is just a small representation of the numerous products that our engineering equipment facilitates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the model depends on viscosity of the product. For lighter liquids, 3HP model is sufficient, but for thicker liquids such as grease, butters, etc., 5HP model is suitable. For certain products, even higher motors such as 10 and 15HP would be required. Get in touch with us for getting help to choose better.

All metal contact parts are made of Stainless Steel 316 L and non-metal contact parts are made from USFDA compliant food grade materials.

The machine is mounted on 4 wheels and can be easily moved from once location to another. Being compact by design, it does not require to be dismantled to move.


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