AURUS Oscillating Granulator

Presenting the most popular and sought-after machine from our highly-focused catalogue of exceptional engineering equipment.

The AURUS Oscillating Granulator is the ideal tool for dry & wet granulation, screening, crushing and breaking lumps thereby enhancing the compressibility of the end-products.

This granulation machine is all you will ever need for gentle, homogenised size reduction, sieving and grading granules in a variety of industries.

Primary Features

  • Interchangeable screens for optimum precision

  • Variable Frequency Drive for speed adjustment

  • Its gentle, low-impact movement avoids excessive heat generation

  • The unique oscillating rotation also avoids accidental fine powder formation

  • Effortless ownership experience due to minimal noise, heat and dust

  • Ultimate value on investment with multiple variant options based on requirement

Optional Features

  • Flame-proof electricals

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Safety Features

  • Certified cGMP, CE, UL compliant

  • Swivel-type castor wheels with brakes

  • Food-grade silicone rubber, PTFE teflon seals

  • Easy to dismantle and wash with hot water

Technical Specifications


SS316L (contact)
SS304 (non-contact)


240 grit Mirror (interior)

180 grit Matt (exterior)


1440RPM, 415V, 3-Phase, 50Hz

Non Flame-Proof, Flanged-type


Variable Frequency Drive
Enclosed in Stainless Steel box


Model Name Motor Capacity







2HP x2



This machine is commonly used in the following range of industries. Its flexible variant options yet powerful production capabilities makes it extremely useful in a variety of processing activities.

End Products

The following are some of the unique materials that can be produced in their respective industries. The list is just a small representation of the numerous products that our engineering equipment facilitates.

Frequently Asked Questions

All metal contact parts are made of Stainless Steel 316 L and non-metal contact parts are made from USFDA compliant food grade materials.

The machine is mounted on 4 wheels and can be easily moved from once location to another. Being compact by design, it does not require to be dismantled to move.


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